Forest management

We manage European forests according to the principles of sustainable development, maintaining their biodiversity, productivity and regeneration capacity.

It is only cut an 80% per year of the production of a self-sustaining forest (each tree harvested means at least another one planted). So every year there are more and more trees.

Consuming wood from these forests helps to maintain and care for them.

We buy full forests where different species and different qualities of wood coexist: European white oak, American red oak (European origin), Beech, Ash, Walnut, Chestnut, Lawson and Poplar. We manage and classify each species and its quality according to the end use.

We are one of the few European manufacturers of parquet that carries out the entire manufacturing process in its facilities, from log forest management to final product.

From the woods, we manage the forest respecting the environment. We proceed to a logging and classification of the trunks that prevent the deforestation of the mountains to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity. Our goal is the forests’ sustainability, ensure reforestation and carry out a forest development in line with sustainable development. This care of forests ensures an active prevention of forest fires.

We are specialists in European oak, both white oak and American red oak (European origin). European white oak, Quescus robur and Quercus petraea, make up the largest part of our production of sawn timber for structural use, board and solid flooring.

We also manufacture a smaller quantity of sawn timber with Quercus rubra, better known as American red oak (European origin). American red oak is widely used for the manufacture of coffins in the funeral industry, with its characteristic reddish wood tone.

We can buy directly parcels in the forests, so we are able to carry out a complete forest management. We go to auctions; we can offer a competitive price because intermediaries are eliminated.


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