Our brand aimed at construction and carpentry is DOMQUER. We put at the disposal of these professionals the wood they need for their works.

Beams and joists, solid sawn wood for structural use; laminated oak boards, as well as formwork panel, chipboard, OSB, three-ply boards or pine boards; strips or slats of pine and oak; steps of stairs, insulators, sub-frames, boards and planks, fittings, woodstains and varnishes; in general, everything necessary for the performance of its activity and the maintenance of wood.

We have wood for structures’ construction and closings: European white oak, American red oak (European origin), beech, ash, walnut, chestnut, fir, Lawson pine and poplar. Also construction materials such as insulators, ironwork, woodstains and varnish.

Structural timber is used in architecture to build the structures of buildings, such as beams and joists, and wooden roofs. At Maderas García Varona, we have CE marking for our structural products. You can consult our certificate in the section "Company" - "Downloads" - "Certificate CPF - CE marked - English" and "Declaración de Prestaciones Certificado CE - Spanish". We also have wooden boards. The wooden boards are used for formwork or as acoustic and thermal insulation.

As well, we as have a range of timber for carpentry and DIY, such as strips, stair steps, sub-frames and flooring for both indoor and outdoor, known as Deck, as well as raw oak and walnut planks, even with bark, for craftworks.


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