Woods García VaronaCtra. Burgos - Santander Km 13639612 Parbayón- Cantabria

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Doubts and questions that our clients usually ask us

Sometimes we may have doubts when choosing our wood products: compatibility with heating systems, versatility or even weights, sizes or qualities… Visit our FAQ page where you may find the answer you are looking for, or contact us through this form. We will be delighted to answer all your questions.

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    Parbayón- Cantabria (España)

    Ctra. Burgos - Santander Km 136
    39612 Parbayón- Cantabria (España)


    Centre for the production of floorboards, mouldings and pellets

    Villarcayo, Burgos (España)

    Ctra. Medina – Villarcayo km 6
    09550 – Villarcayo, Burgos (España)

    Oak Sawmill

    First processing of our oak products

    Santelices, Burgos (Spain)

    Ctra. Bilbao - Reinosa Km 90
    09574 - Santelices, Burgos

    Beech Sawmill
    First processing of our beech products

    Ancín, Navarra

    Pol- Industrial Ancín, 3
    31281 Ancín, Navarra

    Forestry platform
    Reception of wood from nearby forests


    Route Arthez de Béarn, 12
    64170 Lacq