Our main commitments are related to environment, quality and promotion of employment in rural areas.

The commitment to sustainability is one of our pillars. We have a direct link to the source, the European forests of oak, which allows a 360º harnessing as well as the quality control from the trunk to the end product. This is the best way to ensure that the wood comes from a source sustainable and legal, respecting the environment, biodiversity and forest regeneration capacity.

In a forest managed in a sustainable way, it is cut only 80% of what produces every year (for each tree that is harvesting, as minimum another one is planted). So, each year there are more and more trees. Consume wood from these forests help to keep and care for them.

We have the PEFC certified, which aims to ensure that the world's forests are managed responsibly and protected for present and future generations. Under this certification, products are raw natural, ecological, renewable and recyclable. Also certifies that forests products derived from a certified forests are processed and marketed with good environmental practices.

We also have the APECF Label, an European accreditation which means that Maderas Garcia Varona is committed to carry out the first white oak industrial processing in the European Union’s territory. This accreditation is a compromise with a vision in the short and medium term for oak areas, highlighting three goals:

  • Ensure oak’s supply to sawmills to safeguard its future.

  • Encourage the export of products with added value thanks to a first transformation in local industry..

  • Accelerate the modernization and adaptation of the production machinery at sawmills to increase their competitiveness.

Quality is another of our pillars. We have CE marking which guarantees that our products fulfil European directives for placing them on the market. Traceability enables us to keep track of our products from the forest to the final finish, and quality control from the source.

Manufacturas García Varona is registered in the official register of wooden packaging operators with the number ES-39-0041-HT, in the manufacturing activity.

We are committed as well to the employment promotion. We believe that it allows the development of rural communities. Wood consumption means regeneration of woodland, work and increase of the population in rural areas, threatened with depopulation. We generate local employment, but we have international vision. We currently export to the rest of Europe, America and Asia.

Maderas García Varona applies its Social Policy to all people and companies linked to the company, both nationally and internationally. Consequently, all collaborators (consumers, clients, employees and suppliers) of Maderas García Varona have the obligation to know, understand and comply with the guidelines contained in this Social Policy.

Associations we belong to

We are fully involved in the timber sector and strongly believe that union means strength; that is why we belong to the following associations:

AEIM: Asociación Española del Comercio e Industria de la Madera

ACEMM: Asociación Cántabra de Empresarios de la Madera y del Comercio del Mueble

Burmadera: Asociación de Empresarios de Aserradores y Rematantes de Madera de la Provincia de Burgos

ASFOBUR: Asociación Forestal de Burgos

AITIM: Asociación de Investigación de las Industrias de la Madera

Cesefor: Centro de Servicios y Promoción Forestal y de su Industria de Castilla y León

Unemadera: Unión Empresarial de la Madera y el Mueble de España

ANFP: Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Parquet

Tecnalia: Corporación Tecnológica

Apropellets: Asociación Española de Productores de Pellet de Madera

  • Warehouse Parbayon (Cantabria)
  • Phone: +34 942 36 91 70
  • Factory Villarcayo (Burgos)
  • Phone: +34 947 132 049
  • Sawmill Santelices (Burgos)
  • Phone: +34 947 138 181
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