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We receive the trunk, straight from the forest


Our brand for construction and carpentry is DOMQUER

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Our gardening brand is XYLO


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“We are one of the few European parquet manufacturers that carries out the entire manufacturing process in its facilities, from forest management of the trunk to the final finish”

Forest management

We manage European forests in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, maintaining their biodiversity, productivity and regeneration capacity

Only 80% of what is produced is cut from a self-sustaining forest year (for every tree cut down, at least one other is planted). Thus, every year there are more and more trees. Consuming wood from these forests helps maintain and care for them.

We buy complete forests in which different species and different qualities of wood coexist: European white oak, European red oak of American plant, Beech, Ash, Walnut, Castaño, Lawson and Poplar. We manage and classify each species and its quality depending on the use to which it is to be put.

From the forest, we carry out forest and natural environment management that is respectful of the environment . We proceed to a felling and classification of the trunks that avoid the deforestation of the mountains to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity. Our objective is the sustainability of the forests, ensuring reforestation and carrying out forest exploitation in accordance with sustainable development. This care of the forests ensures an active pprevention of forest fires.

We are specialists in European oak, both white oak and American red oak from European plantations. European white oak, Quercus Robur, also known as carballo in Galicia, carbayu in Asturias and cajiga in Cantabria, and Quercus Petraea or sessile oak, makes up most of our production, both structural wood and solid board and flooring.

We also manufacture a smaller quantity with Quercus Rubra, better known as American red oak or boreal oak, but from European plantations. American red oak is widely used in the funeral industry for the manufacture of coffins, with the characteristic reddish tone of its wood.

We supply oak trunks for the lumber industry. We have access to the purchase of plots in the mountains so we can carry out comprehensive forest management. We go to auctions so we can offer a competitive price by eliminating intermediaries when buying oak logs.

tabla de roble rojo de origen europeo proceso - American red oak plan European origin process 1

“We receive the trunk, mainly European oak, directly from the forest to our sawmill to proceed with its first transformation in our industry”


We receive the trunk, mainly European oak, straight from the forest to our sawmill to proceed with its first transformation in our industry: sawing and classification.

Later in the factory we proceed to dry the board first by air and then the final drying in our dryers. As a result, we obtain raw material that we supply to different types of industry: packaging, furniture, coffins, railways, cooperage, industrial carpentry and gardening, among others.


Rastrel liston de roble - oak strip

“Structural lumber is lumber used in architecture to construct building structures, such as beams and joists, and wooden ceilings. Wood boards are used for formwork or as acoustic and thermal insulation”


Our brand aimed at construction and carpentry is DOMQUER. We make available to these professionals the wood they need for their works

Beams and joists, solid sawn wood for structural use. Continuous slat oak boards, as well as formwork boards, water-repellent, OSB, three-layer or pine boards. The battens or strips of pine and oak; stair steps, insulation, pre-frames, boards and planks, fittings, stains and varnishes and in general everything you need to carry out your activity and maintain the wood.

We have wood for the construction of structures and enclosures: European white oak, American-plant European red oak, Beech, Ash, Walnut, Chestnut, Fir, Lawson Pine and Poplar. We also have construction materials such as insulation, fittings, stains and varnishes.

We also have a variety of wood for carpentry and DIY, such as battens, stair steps, pre-frames and flooring for both interior and exterior, known as Deck, as well as raw oak and walnut planks, even with bark, for more artisanal work.

Tarima de madera de roble maciza - parque de roble - SOLQUER Parquets - Maderas García Varona - acabado BRUMA (5% blanco)

“SOLQUER parquet has a wide range of solid wood flooring finishes to bring design and exclusivity to your home.”

Parquet, flooring

Under our SOLQUER brand, we are one of the few European parquet manufacturers that carry out the entire manufacturing process in-house.

... from the trunk to the final finish. This involvement allows us to offer a high-quality solid floor, mainly European oak, and highly competitive, since no manufacturing process is carried out externally.

The solid wood floor that we manufacture is mainly European oak, the noble flooring par excellence present both in historical monuments and in the most avant-garde works. Compared to synthetic laminate flooring, parquet is a natural product that provides warmth and comfort to the home, as well as regulating humidity and preventing the accumulation of electromagnetic energy.

Standard interior flooring: made with European oak, a very stable species, of great hardness and natural durability. Each board is tongue and groove and can be either glued or nailed. Large formats: We are the largest manufacturer of solid oak flooring in large formats in Europe. We can produce boards up to 7 meters long, up to 300 mm. wide profiled on four sides, and up to 400 mm. outlined on two sides. Historical: solid wood historical parquet is a trend highly appreciated by decorators and interior designers. In addition to the Versailles model in 100% oak, we produce the Vienna, Blair, Prague and Windsor models. Espiga: We manufacture the Herringbone flooring with 100% solid oak at 90° and Hungarian Point at 35°, 45° and 55° (with the option of profiling on all four sides at the head). Includes expansion joint on the back.

Other species: we are specialists in solid European white oak flooring, but we also have American red oak flooring (of European origin), chestnut, Spanish and American walnut, beech and conifers: larch, red pine and lawson. Exterior flooring or Deck: we manufacture solid oak flooring for exteriors and we also have pine flooring for exteriors. Atelier: carrying out the entire production process, from the selection of the trunk to the final finish, allows us to manufacture on request, according to the specifications indicated by the client.


“As a result of our production process, we offer different forms of bioenergy: firewood and pellets”


Bioenergy or biomass energy is a type of renewable energy of plant origin resulting from the use of wood

The first product we obtain is firewood, which we sell in bags or wholesale, chips and shavings, which we transform into bioenergy in the form of pellet.

Our 100% wood pellet is the energy of biomass most suitable for pellet stoves, as well as boilers and pellet fireplaces. It also has a high performance in pellet heating. We have a highly competitive price, because we are manufacturers and we can offer a direct factory price.

The splinter results from the fragmentation of the wood once debarked. It is mainly used as fuel in high-power industrial or urban thermal installations.

The oak firewood comes from the optimization of our production process. It is available in different formats for use in wood-burning fireplaces, baker's ovens or barbecues. The calorific value of oak is 4,600 kcal/Kg. at 15% humidity.

The pellet is a type of fuel based on ground wood. Our pellets are 100% wood and comply with the UNE-EN ISO 17225-2 Quality A1 standard. The standard format we have is 15-kilo bags, although we also sell them in bulk big bags. The sale of pellets is available through our online store.

The sawdust and shavings are 100% pure wood, direct from the sawmill and from the factory. Indicated for use in animal bedding, floor cleaning in bars, restaurants and workshops or raw material for briquettes or pellets.

traviesas-de-roble-decoracion de jardin

“We manufacture oak sleepers and platforms for exteriors, also known as deck, and we also have a pine deck that includes treatment for exteriors”


Our gardening brand is XYLO: wooden products for gardens and terraces.

We have garden furniture so you can enjoy the outdoors in your own home. If you like gardening, with our wooden sleepers and oak pots you can have the plants organized in the garden.

For property enclosures or wooden fences for gardens we have solid wood stakes and posts as well as boards, beams and boards to build wooden porches. We also have material to build your own wooden tackle shed or wooden treehouses for kids.


“Decorating with wood is a trend in interior design, from walls decorated with wood to slices made from wooden logs”


Rustic decoration is not only found in the typical country house, you can turn a discreet apartment into boho hippie with a few touches of wood.

Decorating with wood is a trend in interior design , from the walls decorated with wood to the slices made with wooden logs.

As we have our own sawmill, we can offer raw wooden logs, mostly oak and walnut, sliced ​​widthwise or lengthwise. . Slices cut lengthwise are often used as a plank of wood or table top. Adding some metal legs you get a very original and handmade wooden trunk table. On the other hand, the slices cut widthwise are often used for decorating houses or at events and weddings as a low plate or rustic wooden tray. It is also used for original Christmas decorations.

We have solid oak wood blocks highly valued in interior design for decorating spaces, such as side tables or bedside tables. The combination of wooden dice of various sizes can be an easy and colorful decoration idea for the coffee table in the living room.

What we call a wooden log, to decorate or leave natural, is a Log of wood without bark to use as a side table or simply as a decoration. Another trend is the walls decorated with wood, in which boards and planks of different sizes are placed on some of the walls of the room.

Maquina de cepillado de madera - wood brushing machine

“The durability of wood, even the most resistant, does not by itself prevent deterioration caused by biotic or atmospheric agents.”


We have the following services to facilitate and adapt our wood products to customer needs.

Wood treatments, both for interior and exterior, brushing and drawings on beams and joists as well as Lasurado to protect and beautify the wood. We also have our own dryers to achieve an optimum level of humidity in our products.

The durability of wood, even the most resistant, does not by itself prevent deterioration caused by biotic or atmospheric agents. At Maderas García Varona, we have several types of treatment depending on the exposure of the wood.

Immersion treatment with copper salts CU2: Copper salts by immersion provide a surface treatment, mainly for wood to be placed indoors. The usual product in this type of treatment is the wooden batten, both for the roof and for the floor, which gives it the favorable characteristics for its placement without any other treatment. It is done through a prolonged immersion bath.

Autoclave treatment It is a preventive and curative protector of the wood of the organic family. It contains biocides (insecticides and fungicides) that protect the wood against destructive agents, standing out for its anti-termite and anti-woodworm properties. The autoclave treatment is carried out by means of pre-established vacuum cycles and is achieved by introducing the protective products deep inside the wood, first vacuuming is done to remove air, water... in this way the pores of the wood are opened to receive the different chemical products through the open pore through the pressure of the chamber.

We can offer a guarantee certificate for the Autoclave Treatment CU3 10 years.

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