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We transform the trunk into raw material for the parquet, furniture and wine industry, among others


We manufacture solid and sawn wood for structural use: beams, joists, planks and boards.


We mainly produce solid European oak planks for both interior and exterior, and to a lesser extent red oak, chestnut, beech, walnut, larch, lawson and pine


As a result of the optimization of our production process, we generate bioenergy in the form of firewood, pellets, chips, sawdust and wood shavings.


We manufacture auxiliary furniture and other accessories in solid wood for interior decoration.


We have wood products for gardens and terraces: stakes, sleepers, swings, planters and oak and pine flooring for outdoor use.


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Is it the same to say that a wood is soft and smooth?


↪ No. The terms smooth or soft and hard is not related to the hardness of the wood, since some softwoods such as Pine is harder and denser than a hardwood such as Balso.


Are wooden structures vulnerable to the attack of fungi, termites or other insects?


↪ The wood used for construction is previously treated with anti-humidity preparations, against fungi and xylophagous insects. Our laminated woods have a 10-14% humidity level. With this moisture content, the wood is virtually immune to insects and xylophagous fungi attacks. The classes of wood uses are defined in the UNE-335-2 standard that determines the types of use of wood depending on where it is installed and the risk of attacks by fungi and xylophagous insects.


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